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~My name is Mike, I am the owner and principal photographer & videographer for Image Magic Photography.  I am happily married with adult children; I am a former athlete, Army Officer and spent most of my career as a corporate technology professional.  Like a lot of photographers, I started out as a hobbyist, but after a hundred people tell you that you should be charging, it's probably time to listen. In 2008, I started my own business. I have been to a lot places and done a lot of things; I've had an interesting life and just when I thought the best was over, I started Image Magic and found my true passion.


~I believe you can't improve upon reality, there are no photographic skills or camera technologies capable of competing with what the human eye can see and the brain can imagine. What I try to do is get the most out of my equipment and technique to freeze those special moments in time that make reality so remarkable and worth remembering.


~Although I currently shoot with the most modern equipment and use the latest editing software, I came into the digital age kicking and screaming. My equipment and software is modern, but my technique and approach is old-school. For many years, I developed my own film, made my own enlargements and prints. My first camera was a grade school science project using a Quaker Oats box and a pinhole. My next camera was one of the old range finder cameras you now see in flea markets or sold as antiques.  I graduated to Japanese and Swedish  medium format cameras and then to Nikon SLRs and then DSLRs. My thought process is still somewhat rooted in the film age. Technology can't totally make up for a lack of passion and skill. I feel it is important to know what you are doing, my customer’s time and each shot is precious. Modern technology will allow you to take a lot of good pictures, but the great ones require patience, knowledge and sometimes a little luck. I don't believe in taking a 100 images and hoping one of them comes out right. I believe in 'measure twice and cut once', trying to get it right the first time and not being overly reliant on trendy editing techniques to fix mistakes.

~Before I picked up a camera, I was an artist; I painted portraits, still lifes and landscapes using oils and acrylics on canvas. I still consider myself an artist, I’ve simply traded in my paint brush for a camera.  I use my camera like an artist with a paintbrush and canvas to bend reality, sometimes adding to it or subtracting from it and offering different perspectives using ideas I get from my subjects and my own creativity.  I see the world in pictures; I view each day as a photographic opportunity, which is why my camera is rarely more than an arm’s length away.  And when I don't have my camera with me, I am mentally taking pictures of what I see throughout the day. I love the beauty found in nature, movement, the human form and I have a never ending child-like fascination with the effects of light and color.

~I would like the opportunity to show you the benefits of working with an artist and true professional.  Someone who places the upmost value on providing a first class photography experience and doing so as affordable as possible. You are not just a customer; I want to get to know you as a person, I don’t want to just take your picture, I want to be your photographer, your family and friend's photographer and build life-long relationships. One of my favorite quotes is, “Pursue your passion and you will never work a day in your life.” - That's me.


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